Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coloured Pasta Craft

Last night I coloured some pasta for Ruby to play with. I followed the technique Bianca wrote about a while back (yay for Pinterest!).

So far we've made one necklace... more to come!

Uni Holidays - hurray!

Well, I am one quarter of my way through my Master's degree. Phew. What a ride! I've decided to go part time next semester, I need to slow things down a bit. Spend some quality time with the kiddo's rather than thinking about what I 'should' be doing whilst playing with them!

We've been super sick around here too. Constant crankiness from the little one for two months - bring on Spring and hopefully less germs!

I am now on holidays for a few weeks - hurray! Boy, have I got plans! To celebrate, I am releasing a pattern as a Freebie! Yay for Freebies! You can download it here as an A4 Pdf or here as a Letter size document. Happy Stitching!

I have a few other patterns to finalise these holidays and hopefully a couple to stitch up too.

I also plan to get the house under better control (it has been a little neglected of late) and to sort through some of my shoemaking supplies/tools/etc to work out what I want to sell. Having not made any shoes for years now, it seems silly not to let other people make use of the stuff!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Products

I've been working on several new timber products in the lead up to the Lollipop Markets on Sunday, but still want to get a bit of sewing in. Yesterday I made up this new type of Squeaker Teether, Little Kite. I made him in coordinating fabric with a C-Cushion that was commissioned, and like him a lot. Hopefully a few of these fellows will attend the market!

I've also been working on these Speech Bubble Blackboards, as modeled by the Little One.

These boards come with a handy knob on the back (for the more coordinated holders), a duster and piece of chalk, ready for writing away!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I actually did it!

It will be no suprise to anyone else who has a Pinterest account, that I am well and truly hooked. I have a bazillion (well, maybe not that many... yet) boards and pin a lot. My Craft It UP folder is one of the bigger one's, but since I have been on Pinterest, I haven't actually made anything I've pinned to do... until now! Huzzah!

I saw this awhile ago and loved the look of it. Last week the girls and I visited their Granny who is recovering from some surgery and I thought it would be the perfect 'Get Well Soon' from us.

Yay for finishing a project (other than Fox & Feathers stock that is!). I used some of Ruby's paintings to make the flowers and then print out and cut some family photos. A bit of glue on a wooden skewer, some crepe paper around some styrofoam, and voila - family bouquet! Granny loved it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been quiet around here...

This poor blog was almost abandoned before it had got very far! Fox & Feathers has taken a bit of a back seat since the birth of Asha, as to be expected I suppose. At 7 months now (how did that happen?), we've found our family groove and I've been able to dedicate more time to my crafty business.

I have a market coming up - Lollipop - which will be it's 1st Birthday at AAMI Stadium, on Sunday the 20th of November, 10am - 3pm. Very exciting. I have some new products (see below) with more to photograph this week. Some things will be available in my Etsy store, but I am mindful of the crazy expensive cost of Australia Post, so some items will not be worth selling online (I hate paying more for postage than the product!).

Play Date Cards for when you are out meeting other people with kids and you'd like to stay in contact, an Artist Stamp - dress up your kids artwork, cards and other crafty makings, and Big Sister & Big Brother brooches!

I've also been working on some new cross stitch patterns, and hope to have them available for purchase soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet Asha & Mum's & Bub's Market

Asha Mae joined our family about two months ago. As you can imagine, Fox & Feathers has been a little neglected since then. She is very charming, and between her and a toddler, I have been quite busy! However, we are starting to find out groove and I am getting back into the swing of things!

Tomorrow will be our first Mum's & Bub's Market at the Goodwood Community Centre, 32 - 34 Rosa Street (off Goodwood Rd 10am-1pm). Come on down to see us and other fantastic local businesses, along with some second hand items!

New Fox & Feathers products include these hand stitched brooches and Little Bird Squeaker Teethers!

Also, thinking about ordering a custom C-Cushion or Library Bag? Pop over to Facebook and 'Like' Fox & Feathers and you will receive a 10% discount!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lollipop Markets - February 2011

Well, it was another great day today at Lollipop Markets! I can't believe I have neglected my blog since the last one in November - just terrible! I have promised myself not to do that again!

My fantastic husband and sister helped me out today - very welcome as we are expecting our second baby in 6 weeks and I am beginning to slow down a bit!

Had some new stock today which I hope to add to Etsy this week, or of course, anything you see on Facebook can be ordered : )

My Save, Spend & Give discs. Made from timber discs, these tags have been sealed with varnish, ready to attach to money boxes, jars or any other kind of receptacle. Divide pocket money in any manner that suits, and voila! positive money management! $8 a set + postage & handling. 

Bunny Squeaker Teethers - in time for Easter! These were a hit today - will be making some more soon! $15 each + postage & handling.

Cross Stitch Buttons - add these to a crafty project of your own! $10 for a set of four + postage & handling.

Two examples of my new brooch greeting cards. Timber brooches attached to a blank medallion card. Once opened, the brooch can be worn by the recipient. $6 each + postage & handling.  Other styles include 'Birthday Girl/Boy', 'Cheeky Monkey', 'Crafty Lady' and many others!

Traditional Red Heel Sock Monkeys, sporting some lovely duds. These Monkeys are made from extra large socks. $70 each + postage & handling.

And back again, my Tooth Softies & Journals. These little guys keep teeth safe in the pocket at the front until the Tooth Fairy does her rounds. The accompanying journal has a diagram to indicate the tooth lost, with details to be filled as to its loss. Of course there is also an official spot for the Tooth Fairy to fill in. $28 + postage & handling.

Contact me for further information at: info (dot) foxandfeathers (at) gmail (dot) com.