Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lollipop Markets - February 2011

Well, it was another great day today at Lollipop Markets! I can't believe I have neglected my blog since the last one in November - just terrible! I have promised myself not to do that again!

My fantastic husband and sister helped me out today - very welcome as we are expecting our second baby in 6 weeks and I am beginning to slow down a bit!

Had some new stock today which I hope to add to Etsy this week, or of course, anything you see on Facebook can be ordered : )

My Save, Spend & Give discs. Made from timber discs, these tags have been sealed with varnish, ready to attach to money boxes, jars or any other kind of receptacle. Divide pocket money in any manner that suits, and voila! positive money management! $8 a set + postage & handling. 

Bunny Squeaker Teethers - in time for Easter! These were a hit today - will be making some more soon! $15 each + postage & handling.

Cross Stitch Buttons - add these to a crafty project of your own! $10 for a set of four + postage & handling.

Two examples of my new brooch greeting cards. Timber brooches attached to a blank medallion card. Once opened, the brooch can be worn by the recipient. $6 each + postage & handling.  Other styles include 'Birthday Girl/Boy', 'Cheeky Monkey', 'Crafty Lady' and many others!

Traditional Red Heel Sock Monkeys, sporting some lovely duds. These Monkeys are made from extra large socks. $70 each + postage & handling.

And back again, my Tooth Softies & Journals. These little guys keep teeth safe in the pocket at the front until the Tooth Fairy does her rounds. The accompanying journal has a diagram to indicate the tooth lost, with details to be filled as to its loss. Of course there is also an official spot for the Tooth Fairy to fill in. $28 + postage & handling.

Contact me for further information at: info (dot) foxandfeathers (at) gmail (dot) com.

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