Sunday, November 13, 2011

I actually did it!

It will be no suprise to anyone else who has a Pinterest account, that I am well and truly hooked. I have a bazillion (well, maybe not that many... yet) boards and pin a lot. My Craft It UP folder is one of the bigger one's, but since I have been on Pinterest, I haven't actually made anything I've pinned to do... until now! Huzzah!

I saw this awhile ago and loved the look of it. Last week the girls and I visited their Granny who is recovering from some surgery and I thought it would be the perfect 'Get Well Soon' from us.

Yay for finishing a project (other than Fox & Feathers stock that is!). I used some of Ruby's paintings to make the flowers and then print out and cut some family photos. A bit of glue on a wooden skewer, some crepe paper around some styrofoam, and voila - family bouquet! Granny loved it!

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