Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Uni Holidays - hurray!

Well, I am one quarter of my way through my Master's degree. Phew. What a ride! I've decided to go part time next semester, I need to slow things down a bit. Spend some quality time with the kiddo's rather than thinking about what I 'should' be doing whilst playing with them!

We've been super sick around here too. Constant crankiness from the little one for two months - bring on Spring and hopefully less germs!

I am now on holidays for a few weeks - hurray! Boy, have I got plans! To celebrate, I am releasing a pattern as a Freebie! Yay for Freebies! You can download it here as an A4 Pdf or here as a Letter size document. Happy Stitching!

I have a few other patterns to finalise these holidays and hopefully a couple to stitch up too.

I also plan to get the house under better control (it has been a little neglected of late) and to sort through some of my shoemaking supplies/tools/etc to work out what I want to sell. Having not made any shoes for years now, it seems silly not to let other people make use of the stuff!

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