Monday, August 23, 2010

Nursery Alphabet Sampler

Hello all you typeface addicts! I've finally finished my "H is for Helvetica" alphabet sampler pdf pattern. Featuring 26 different fonts, from Arial to Zapfino, this will look snappy in any little one's nursery.
I finished stitching this pattern 6 months ago, and have had it framed on a wall since then, finally getting around to finalising the pattern today. Hurrah! The pattern is available here.

Of course, it would look just as lovely in other colour combinations (featured in the photo above are DMC colours #3820 Antique Gold DK, #3023 Brown Grey LT & #3768 Grey Green DK), below is a quick image of some other possibilities.

I'm thinking my own little munchkin might need one for her room! 

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Sally HP said...

I did my first embroidery sampler while pregnant with number three. Several of the letters were very floral-I think I was willing it to be a girl. HE is almost four months old, and I have that sampler on his gallery wall. It's lovely, but this is absolutely perfect. My nursery is grey, yellow and teal